We Are the Construction and Renovation Company You’ll Be Glad to Know
…helping property owners build and renovate properties that will make them happy and proud to own
With all the misinformation and problems one encounters when trying to build or renovate a property, it is normal to worry and hesitate to make decisions.
We understand your frustration and concerns. That is why we founded Brace Enterprises 14 years ago and continue to help clients like you to build the property they always wanted and deserve without the worry!
“Working with Brace Enterprises was absolutely a great experience for me. I am happy to say that… not only were they very professional, attentive to details and cordial when responding to my concerns, but they were key to getting the construction done right and ultimately increasing the value of my property” – Vivianna Guzman
Your property is one of the most valuable assets you will own, don’t put it at risk.
misinformation may lead you to make the wrong decisions that you’ll later regret.
3 easy steps to have the property that will make you happy and proud…
1. You Tell Us About Your Project

You schedule a phone call with us to learn about your project and find out if we are the right fit for your needs

2. We Support You with Any Design Needs

We’ll support you with any architectural requirements you may have to design the home that best fits your particular needs

3. We Plan and Execute Construction Work

We’ll provide you with a construction budget and a timeline to fit your needs before construction starts

What Makes Brace Enterprises Different?
  • Frustrations and Concerns about an Industry Known for Its Lack of Transparency: We understand your concerns and frustrations, that is why we founded Brace. We use our knowledge and experience to help you feel at ease that your property is in good hands.
  • We Provide Guidance, We Don’t Dictate: As a property owner you have quality and cost concerns. We strive to achieve your vision, not to convince you that your goals are unimportant.
  • A property is an asset, prevent it from becoming obsolete: You want to be correctly advised about new construction technologies that will make your property maintain its value, and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient building. We guide you to be able to design and construct a building that provides all of the benefits of the latest
  • It Is Also About the Journey, Not Just the Destination: In your case the destination is very important because it is your dream property to which we refer! However, communication is key in making a project more enjoyable, particularly when your asset is at stake. We adjust our communication methods and frequency to fit your preferences, not what
    conveniences us.