You’ll enjoy the renovation process as much as the renovation itself.

Every job is completed on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction. We make renovations convenient, headache-free and simple for our clients by being a one-stop-shop construction and renovation company.

Are you planning to remodel your home but have one or more of the following questions or concerns?

  • I have a good idea of how I want to renovate my place, but should I contact an architect, an interior designer or a renovation contractor?
  • New York City is a complicated place, how should I navigate the requirements of my building, the NYC Department of Buildings, and/or the Landmarks Preservation Commission?
  • I have limited time to get my renovation done, how can I make sure it won’t exceed the minimum time necessary?
  • I don’t have much time myself to dedicate to my renovation, what can I do to prevent committing to a project that may require hours of attention that I don’t have?
  • How can I make sure the renovation will remain within my predetermined budget? I’m not an expert in construction and renovations.
  • How will I know the work will get done professionally, follow building codes and follow the building’s requirements before I start the project?
  • How do I make sure the innovation will be a good investment and help me maximize the equity value of my property?

Benefits Working with Brace.

A professionally executed renovation not only saves you time and money, it can provide the design amenities and details you want in your home and be a great investment by maximizing the equity value of your property.

Brace Enterprises is the construction and renovations company chosen by home owners in New York City that don’t have the time and money to waste on a renovation gone bad.


High-End Apartment Renovations

Add those personal touches that will increase both your quality of life and home value. While we live in the city that never sleeps, we want you to rest easy knowing our main goal is to understand your vision and execute it in a way that exceeds your expectations throughout the process.  Read More →

Townhouse and Home Remodeling

Turn your house into the home of your dreams. Whether you want to do a full remodel or just update a few areas of your home, we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure every job is completed on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction.  Read More →

Commercial Remodeling

Give your business a fresh look that will keep your clients and customers wanting more. We know office space, retail and other commercial establishments require clear budgets and quick timelines. Before we begin, we’ll make sure we have a clear understanding of your needs, expectations, and vision.  Read More →

"Working with Brace Enterprise was absolutely a great experience for me. Not only were they very professional, attentive to details and cordial when responding to my concerns, but they were key to getting the renovation done right and ultimately increasing the value of my property. This was a very complex project, but even with all the complications apartment in very bad shape, interior and exterior work involved, and a building where the approval process was long and intricate Brace did a great job at every step along the way. Their knowledge, suggestions, and industry resources made it possible for us to navigate through the intricacies of the process and get the work done. The best of it all is that I ended up increasing the equity value of my property significantly. And I turned a lemon into the home of my dreams!"

—Vivianna Guzman, Upper East Side apartment owner

“I have worked with Brace Enterprises on two residential renovations on Central Park West. They have been very professional and have excellent craftsmanship. Something particularly essential for me as an architect is that Brace’s people understand the importance of following building codes and architectural drawings, and they know how to manage projects well. They follow building guidelines, which avoids unnecessary issues and possible delays with clients and building management. They are attentive to cleanliness, noise level requirements and being respectful to neighbors and building personnel. In the renovations we worked on together, we scheduled weekly meetings which were extremely helpful in providing a level of transparency that went a long way towards identifying and resolving potential problems early on. Also, meeting regularly always prevents delays associated with procurement of materials and keeps projects moving at the right pace. I am very happy to recommend Brace Enterprises to my clients.”

—Raffael Juth, Architect

“Working with Brace Enterprises has been a real pleasure. Three important reasons stand in my mind. They are very precise in their estimating and pricing, they set high standards for themselves and expect the same of those who work with them, and they run their projects very efficiently. As an interior designer it makes my work easier when a project is well managed, clients are happy and well informed and know that promises made will be kept. I am happy that we chose Brace from among the three contractors we were considering for our three bedroom renovation in the Upper East Side. Brace has done an excellent job, in a timely manner, and were very up front with projected costs. I look forward to working with them again.”

—Marcia Butler, Marcia Butler Interior Design Inc.

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