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Clients come to Brace Enterprises because they have a distinct need – an expectation, a budget, a time constraint. Understanding and addressing that need in a professional and responsible manner has resulted in client satisfaction and repetitive business.  That is why more than 80% of our work is generated from happy references.

For us, quality and reliability are not optional. As professionals with experience and recognition in the construction field, we understand that anything but quality and good craftsmanship is inefficient and costly in the long run. Doing things right the first time avoids waste and saves time and resources – always.


Our Approach

Executing a successful construction or renovation, that means, one that accomplishes the details and design amenities desired by owners and is completed within the expected time and budget is about work experience and using the right management tools.  In order to obtain those results on a consistent basis we use estimating software that provide accurate labor and material costs analysis and work with time lines to help us remain on schedule throughout the renovation process.

Different clients have different preferences of how frequent to communicate and the method to use in communicating.  Some clients prefer emails as way of communicating, some others prefer phone calls or texts.  Some want to be updated on a daily basis some prefer to have a weekly meeting and also be contacted for important decision matters.  We believe transparency reduces time and costs and is our preferred approach when managing projects.  Also we make sure to respect our clients preferred method of communication.

We are a fully insured construction and renovations company and we follow architectural blueprints and the NYC construction and building codes.

To learn more about how to get your project done efficiently and headache-free contact us.