Passive House

What is Passive House? As explained in Passipedia, an organization dedicated to educating professionals and property owners alike about its benefits, it means ’’… a building standard that is truly energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time.”WOW, does that mean we can design, build, and live in a house where temperatures and levels of humidity are constant regardless of the weather conditions outside, with healthy, filtered air without allergens 24 hours a day, much quieter than conventional houses, up to 90% more energy-efficient and for the same price??? Yep…that is what designing and building a Passive House means. It is like comparing a car from1960, with poor AC, no independent suspension or hydraulic brakes and steering, no sensors, consuming 5 gals of gas per 100 miles, etc., etc. with a car today. And you may wonder…why would anybody buy today a 1960 technology car instead?

Well…if all you get offered when you buy a car is 1960 technology what choice do you have!? A similar but actual REAL situation happens when you build or renovate a building…if all your architect and contractor offer you is 1960 technology…what choice do you have!? As they say…ignorance is bliss…but only until you happen to visit your friends“Bob and Mary” who live in a Passive House.

That day you will wonder why have you invested all that money in a 1960 technology house when you could have for the same price live in a healthier, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient home. Contact us, we’ll be glad to explain and show you the how, the why, and the simplicity of Passive House, we are certified.