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Our Ideal Clients…

We work with residential and commercial property owners who are busy and want a home or commercial place that makes them feel special.  They work hard and expect that projects are expertly managed so that they are completed on time and within the budget.  Our clients also expect clear and honest communication regarding challenges that may arise during the project and ongoing updates regarding the status of the project.

Our Clients are interested and committed to accomplishing a professional construction/renovation that complies with local construction codes and regulations. Like Brace Enterprises, they adhere to standards of honesty and integrity. They consider their property an important asset and investment, and are conscious about the environment.

Our Clients are time conscious and comfortable about working under a timeline and committing to a plan of work. They are serious and motivated about construction/renovation and understand that time is money for all parties involved.

Are any of the following true for you?
  • You understand constructions/renovations require time, but would hate to be part of a project that drags month after month without sign of a completion date.
  • You are not satisfied with the look and/or functionality of your property, but want to stay away from a renovation with unknown and/or hidden costs.
  • Although you have a clear idea of what your dream home or commercial place would look like, you are not a design and construction expert and do not want to miss a design feature that you might later regret.
  • You have decided to reward yourself with the home you always wanted, but are concerned about wasting your limited time and hard earned money on a project that is inefficient.
  • Although you want to improve your quality of life with a home or commercial space that has the amenities you most desire, your property is one of your most important assets and you would hate spending money on a renovation that would marginally increase its value.
  • Your property is in an area with strict management rules and you don’t want to be frequently called by property management or neighbors complaining that your contractors are not following rules

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