New Construction

Let us help you build the home of your dreams. We would be glad to build it on a property you already own or use the help of real estate brokers we know in the area to find the right property for you at no cost.  Also, we can work with a building designed by your own architect or let our architect help you design the home of your dreams. Lots of flexibility because we know one solution those not fit all. That gives you the choice to build and personalize your new home from the ground up. In addition to your design of choice we also can provide you all the requirements to make that home a conventional one or as energy efficient as you like…including LEED, Passive House and all the way to net zero. These are all capabilities we have and available for you to choose. Once the house is built you can choose to decorate it yourself or let our interior designer work with you to create the most awesome home you can imagine. That can also include landscaping design and any landscape work your property may require.