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Clemens von Reitzenstein first started his career as an engineer getting a Bachelor degree in Engineering Science from Hofstra University.  After graduating he worked in various project management positions for Pall Corporation before obtaining an MBA degree from NYU, Stern School of Business, with a double major in management and finance.

In 2008, after years of working as a management and financial consultant, Clemens decided to pursue his passion for construction and renovations by starting his own company, Brace Enterprises LLC in New York City.  Aside from enjoying the fields of construction and renovations, he saw the potential of utilizing his management, engineering and financial skills in a field known for its inefficiencies and lack of transparency.


In 2020 Clemens moved the business to Columbia County and has since continued to grow the company. He has also continued to take courses in construction management such as Columbia University’s NYC Department of Small Business MWL and is highly energy-efficient buildings with his certification as a Passive House Tradesperson.